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Edara Property Management is a wholly-owned subsidiary of SODIC, Specialized in Providing a fully-comprehensive scope of integrated facility Management services. EDARA also holds 60% of the capital shares of Beverly Hills Property Management (established in 2002), with over 1,200 trained and motivated teams in the various Fields of property management services. in managing large-scale Commercial and Residential developments, Edara's team is highly trained and qualified to deliver the Highest standards; as our drive for quality and professionalism is the backbone of our firm .

Our Vision

Every company aspires to grow and dominate its Market, but Edara aspires to gain recognition to be as one of the leading property management firms in Egypt and Middle East, and to raise the standard of living in local residential, commercial projects whilst sustaining the highest quality standers quality

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Our main focus has always been to deliver the very best quality combined with absolute professionalism and the utmost integrity throughout the company in every area of our activity. We're very proud of our company's unique culture. Our team is fully committed to serving our clients and mindful of the trust that they have placed in us. Today, we're convinced that EDARA Property Management has never been stronger. Fueled by a strong culture of teamwork, innovation and responsiveness, our professionals are focused, energized and ready to seize the many opportunities that lie ahead of us. We look forward to further enhancing our valued and trusted reputation. .

Ahmed Khamis

Tanweer Training Center

Tanweer is Edara's newest project dedicated to our clients and employees as well, through Tanweer we can give back to the community by enlightening and inspiring everybody. The project is part of our social responsibility and it's all about enlightenment and self-development. Tanweer is a cultural venue that hosts a variety of artistic activities in an entertaining cultural atmosphere filled with poetic and musical evenings, art workshops, as well as seminars discussing topics of interest to the community$. We are also keen on developing our employees' skills by providing them with the needed mentoring in our Training facilities ensuring continuous improvement in their performance and consequently the service offered. Which will lead to better quality of service .


We are currently looking for :

  • Engineer with minimum two years experience

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